CaféNova, launched by SchoolNova in 2019, is a project that connects high schoolers with faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from Brookhaven National Lab, Stony Brook University and the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics in a casual and non-intimidating setting.

Rather than giving official presentations, scientific researchers from various fields will answer student’s questions about their research, education and day-to-day life in academia, offer their insight and their unique perspective on work they do.

CaféNova is the place for you if:

  • You are thinking of majoring in mathematics and/or science.
  • You are not thinking of majoring in mathematics and/or science, but appreciate those subjects.
  • You enjoy discussing math problems and/or participate in math/science competitions.
  • You are looking for a comfortable place to meet like-minded peers, play mathematically rich games and/or simply connect with new and interesting people.

Do You Want To Major In STEM?

Whether you have a passion for intellectual challenges, like solving difficult problems and proving conjectures are true, or you want to relish in the versatility a degree in science offers, you might decide to major in math or science. The question will come before you: "What will you do with your degree?"

If you want to know what is out there for you, visit CaféNova!

The tentative schedule of every evening is as follows:

  • 6pm to 6.30pm - students arrive, tea, coffee, introductions
  • 6.30 to 7.30 - informal round-table discussion, Q&A
  • 7.30 to 9 pm - SPECIAL BONUS! Stick around for fun and games after the round-table discussion ends! And more - group discussions, tea, coffee and snacks.

When: Once a month from January to May. Visit our site for date announcements. Join the CaféNova Mailing List .
Where: Room S240 (basement of Math building). Campus map (math building is in the upper left corner of the map) can be found here.
Contact us:

Marina Polonskaia, Ph.D
Tatiana Portnaya, Ph.D

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