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General Information
Admission and Enrollment

General Information:

Q: What is the age range of students at SchoolNova?
A: Our students range from 3 to 18 years old.

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Sundays.

Q: What is SchoolNova's class size?
A: We try to maintain a class size of 5-15 students depending on the age of the students and the nature of the course.

Q: Where and when are the classes held?
A: Classes are held on the Stony Brook University campus on Sundays. The program is year-round, starting in mid-September until the end of May. The length of the school year varies slightly from year to year - between 28 and 30 weeks.

Q: Can I join the program mid-year?
A: In most cases - NO. We do not accept new students after the first two weeks of school. However, you can join some courses at any time. For example, you can join foreign language classes if there are spots available, and if your language proficiency level is higher than 0 (you have taken classes before).

Q: What subjects do you offer?
A: Currently, we offer 14 subjects – Math, Sciences, including Earth and Physical Science, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, and Topics in Biology, as well as language classes including Advanced English, Russian, French, and Spanish. We also offer visual art classes for ages 6 to 16 and enrichment classes for Russian-speaking and English-speaking children ages 3 to 5. Each subject we offer has restrictions on the ages of students. The age range for each class can be found in the Schedule and the class description.
For more information, please check Schedule.

Q: Do you offer different levels of difficulty for any subject?
A: Yes, we do. SchoolNova offers 11 levels of mathematics (from level 0 to 10), five levels of Physics (from 0 to 4), ten levels of the Russian language for heritage students, six levels of French (beginners to advanced), five levels of Spanish (beginners to advanced), etc.

Q: How many courses can I take?
A: Our school day is not too long – it consists of only 7 periods. Some classes are one period long (45 minutes), some classes are longer (60 minutes or even 90 minutes). You can take as many classes as you can fit in one day, but we recommend making sure you have enough time during the week to handle multiple homework assignments. Including time in class, students should expect to spend 1 – 3 hours per week for the subject class, depending on the subject and the course level. Since our classes are meeting only once a week, homework assignments are essential for making good progress.

Q: How quickly do classes fill up?
A: That varies from course to course. Math classes for elementary school students (levels 0 to 6) fill up the fastest. We place students in classes on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Q: A course I'd like to take is full. Do you have a waitlist?
A: Yes, we do! When the class fills, you will automatically be given the option to join the waitlist. If during the first two weeks of school, space becomes available in the class, people will be invited off the waitlist and into the class. Invitations are sent to those who registered and joined the waitlist first.

Q: What is the class drop policy?
A: Any course may be dropped anytime before the start of the third class session (14 days after the beginning of the school year) for a full refund of the course tuition, enrollment, material, and admin fees. The registration fee is NOT refundable. No fees are refunded after the above-stated drop dates. Tuition for the courses is collected quarterly (10+10+10 weeks). If a class is dropped in the middle of a quarter, the tuition for that quarter will not be refunded.

Q:How can I reach/contact SchoolNova?
A: The easiest way to contact the SchoolNova staff is by email.
For all questions related to the website (including login problems), please contact the webmaster at
For all issues related to billing and payments, please contact
For all other questions, including questions related to Registration, please contact
If you have a problem, please call (631) 606-0585 and leave a voicemail. Please allow up to 5 days for your call to be answered.
For Remote Learning user account issues, please contact

Q: Do you participate in any math, science and language Competitions?
A: Yes. Our school participates in Math Olympiads AMC 8 and AMC 10/12, in the International Math Kangaroo Olympiad, the International Russian Language Olympiad, in the National French Contest and in Physics Bowl and in F=ma. Advanced English also participates in various competitions throughout the year such as the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and the Library of Congress National Reading/Writing Promotion Program.

Q: Do you allow parents to be present inside the classroom?
A: In general, we do. However, each teachers sets an individual policies regarding the presence of parents inside the classroom based on what they think is best for their class.
Parents may not interfere with the lesson by being disruptive or talking and may not enter or exit the classroom while the class is in session.


Q: How do I register my child for SchoolNova at Stony Brook?
A: SchoolNova offers two types of Registration – Priority Registration for returning students and their siblings and Regular Registration for new students. Returning families are the families who already have SchoolNova's online account. All returning students must be re-registered every year to reactivate their accounts and sign all the forms. If the account has not been reactivated, the student will not be considered a current student and will not be placed into classes.
New families should open an online account, complete a registration form for each child, and sign all necessary forms. The registration form is available here:
Returning families should follow the Priority Registration option.
New families should use the Regular registration option and follow the instructions provided there.

Q: When does Registration open?
A: SchoolNova has two types of registration — Preliminary Registration for returning students which is usually open between mid of June and July 31 and Regular Registration for new students which is open on or around August 1. All new students are placed into the classes on the “first-come, first-served” basis.

Q: How will I know whether my registration form was received?
A: Once a student's Registration is processed, a computer-generated confirmation email is sent to the parents/guardians with the child's name. If there is a problem with the Registration or if more information is needed to process the Registration, parents/guardians will be notified. If you do not receive a confirmation email within two days of submitting a registration form, please email the administration at or call (631) 606-0585 to request that another confirmation be sent.
ancial Agreement, Consent form for photographing/filming, and the Internet use form.

Q: What forms do I have to fill out?
A: Rules and policies, Financial Agreement, Consent to Photograph, Film, or Videotape. Internet Use Consent form

REMINDER: applications will not be considered without payment of the registration fee.

Admission and Enrollment:

Q: What is the admission process?
A: The Admission process begins with the re-enrollment of the returning students. Re-enrollment informs the school of available openings in each level for each subject. Those openings will be filled by new students on the “first-come, first-served” basis.
Once capacity is reached, additional applicants will be placed on the Waiting List in order the applications were received. As spaces become available during the first week of the school year, the school will take a new student from the waiting list. After the drop-off/add-on period, most classes will stop accepting new students (math, physics, chemistry, biology, and some foreign languages classes). In some cases, classes may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

Q: How will I find out about the placement level of my child in each subject?
A: Returning students are placed in classes based on academic performance and teacher’s recommendations.
New students’ placement into math classes is based on the results of the placement test administered 1-2 weeks prior to the beginning of the school year (September)
Initial placement to language classes is based on the information provided by parents. Teachers have the right to move students to a different level within the first 3 weeks of student’s attendance.

Q: Do you have a drop-off/add-on period for classes?
A: A drop-off/add-on period begins on the first day of classes and ends at 11:59 pm on the Tuesday after the 2nd week of school.

Q: How to add/drop classes?
A: Adding/dropping classes can be done either online by writing comments in the student’s profile page or by sending an email to the school with a request. After the end of the add/drop period, students may only add a course with permission from the program’s principal. If a student drops a class during the first week of classes, this will be considered a “trial period” and no charge will be made. However, if the student remains in that class after the first week, the student will be charged for all classes he or she attended. If student will drop a program in the middle of the quarter. Money paid for this quarter will NOT be returned. If student will drop program after the current quarter is complete, he or she will NOT be charged for the remaining quarter(s). However, the deposit will not be returned. SchoolNova doesn't charge any withdrawal fee.

Q: f my child drops a class within the add/drop period, should we pay for that class?
A: If a student drops a class during the first two weeks of classes, this will be considered a "trial period," and no charge will be made. However, if a student remains in that class after the first two weeks, a student will be charged for all classes he or she attended. If a student drops a program in the middle of the quarter, money paid for that quarter will NOT be returned. If a student drops a program after the current quarter is complete, he or she will NOT be charged for the remaining quarter(s). However, the deposit and all fees (Registration, admin, and material fee) will not be returned. SchoolNova doesn't charge any withdrawal fee.


Q: Who are SchoolNova's instructors?
A: Most of our instructors have advanced degrees (Ph.D.), university-level teaching experience, and extensive research experience.
We are an enrichment education program that supplements a school curriculum. New York State does not require teacher certification for this type of program. However, we do require a high level of education and professionalism of our teachers.

Q: Where can I find information about the teachers?
A: Each teacher posts a brief biography and their teaching philosophy on SchoolNova's website here.


Q: How much does it cost to attend SchoolNova?
A: Our tuition remains the same since 2015. We understand that due to the pandemic, many families faced lost or reduced income, therefore SchoolNova's Board of Directors decided to freeze the tuition rate for another year.
In 2020-2021 school year, the cost of attending SN@SB will be $21 for a 45-minute class, $27 for a 60-minute class, and $40 for a 90-minute class. Also, each student or family is expected to pay several fees (see below).

Q: Do you have a registration fee?
A: Yes. A $40 Registration Fee is a one-time non-refundable fee required to be paid at the time of new student's Registration. This fee is waived for returning students reactivating their family account for an upcoming school year during the Priority Registration. The registration fee assures your child a place in our program. If for any reason you withdraw your child, that fee is non-refundable.

Q: Are there any other fees?
A: Yes.
Registration Fee: Per Student (Non-Refundable) The $40 Registration Fee is a one time fee required to be paid at the time of a new student's registration. This fee is waived for returning students reactivating their family account for the upcoming school year during Priority Registration. The registration fee assures your child a place in our program. If for any reason you withdraw your child that fee is non-refundable.
Administration fee: Per family (Non-Refundable) This fee is $35 from families with one child and $50 from families with two or more children. The fee is non-refundable and is required to be paid by all returning and new students along with the 1st tuition payment. This fee covers administrative and processing costs, onsite assistance, and informational service.
Enrollment deposit: Per family (Refundable) The deposit is held and applied towards the final quarter's tuition. It is not returned to students who drop out of SchoolNova classes before the end of the year. The enrollment deposit is $75 from families with one child, $150 - with two children, $225 - with three or more children. The enrollment deposit for both returning and new students should be paid along with the 1st tuition payment (2nd week of the 1st quarter).
Late fee: $30 – $60 – $90: If payment of tuition and fees is not received within a week after the deadline, late fees will be incurred. A $30 late fee will be assessed on all outstanding balances left unpaid after the seven-day grace period (the time required to receive checks which were mailed to the school's PO box BEFORE the deadline). Payments received beyond three weeks of an official deadline will incur an additional $60 late fee ($90 total). PAYMENTS MADE BEYOND SIX WEEKS OF THE OFFICIAL DEADLINE WILL INCUR AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF $90, BRINGING TOTAL LATE FEES TO $180.
Material Fee: Material Fee: Per Student (Non-Refundable): This fee will only be charged for classes requiring printed homework and classwork assignments, buying books, educational materials, and art supplies. Each class/subject has a different material fee carefully calculated based on previous years' spending. Fees should be paid in full for the entire year during the 1st tuition collection. Some teachers collect additional material fees for specific courses. The teachers will notify you if this is the case.

Q: What kind of discounts does SchoolNova have?
A: Yes. Sibling discount: If a family has two children, a 10% sibling discount is taken off tuition for the second child (the student enrolled in the highest grade level within SchoolNova is considered the first child). For families with three or more children, each child gets a 10% discount. For the discount to apply, all children must be legal dependents of the same parent(s).
Multiple classes discount: If your child takes three or more classes, a 10% discount will be applied to all classes.

Both discounts can be combined.

Q: If my child is absent, do I still have to pay?
A: Yes. We are committed to providing the highest quality of services. To accomplish this goal, it is essential that the school maintains financial stability. Staffing and other operational expenses are determined each semester depending on student enrollment for the duration of the whole semester. If a child is absent for a day, the operational costs cannot be adjusted accordingly, therefore we cannot provide a discount for the missed class. Refund after the first week of classes is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Q: When do we have to pay tuition?
A: A: SchoolNova offers two payment plans:
Annual Plan: One payment plan — tuition is paid once for the entire academic year (28 – 30 days of classes) and is due by the end of the 3rd week of the 1st quarter. Enrollment deposit is NOT charged.
Quarter Plan: Our school offers families the opportunity of paying the school fee account by regular installments over the course of the year. Three payments plan — tuition is paid for each quarter separately and is due by the end of the 3rd week of each quarter. Payment Calendar: All due dates and deadlines will be posted on our website calendar at:

Q: What kind of payments do you accept?
A:You can pay your bill online using your bank online/mobile payment system. We also accept personal checks, cash payments or payments made through our website via PayPal. Please see this page for details.

Q: Will we get a reimbursement if a class is cancelled?
A: In the event that a class is cancelled at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances, every attempt will be made to schedule a make-up or a double class. If this is not possible, we will issue a refund for the cancelled class.

Attendance and Homework:

Q: If my child missed school, how can we get homework for the next class?
A: Most homework assignments will be posted on the school's website by Wednesday morning of the following week. You don't need a password or an account to view and print the homework.

Q: What is your Homework policy?
A: We have our classes once a week, therefore the homework is a very important part of our teaching process. We require that each student do the homework on time and hand it over to the teacher at the beginning of each class.
One of the criteria for being transferred to the next level is submitting more than 80% of the homework assignments during the year.

Q: Do you expect parents to be involved in helping their children do homework?
A: Our program is highly intensive; we cover a great deal of material quickly, and we depend on the parents to help their children with homework. Parents are expected to cooperate as much as possible with the teachers to help the children reach their educational goals. All teachers’ emails are posted on the school website and parents are welcome to contact them directly.

Q: What is your Attendance policy?
A: Students are expected to attend all classes they signed up for. The main criteria for being transferred to the next level is attending more than 80% of all classes.

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