Math Placement Test 2023

Who Should Take the Test:

  • New students registering for math.
  • Students aiming to advance a level in math.
  • Returning students who previously underperformed in a SchoolNova math class.
  • Returning students who haven't taken math in the past year or at all.

How the Test Will be Administered in 2023 - Important!

  1. Access the Google Sheet.
  2. Locate your desired level in Column B. Select from available dates in Column C.
  3. Pick a time in Column D and input the student's name in Column E.
  4. Complete Columns F (student's regular school grade) and G (your email). The exam and upload instructions will be sent to this email.
  5. Any comments can be placed in Column H.
  6. Columns I and J have the instructor's name and test link (Zoom or Google Meet).

Why a Placement Test?

The test ensures students are placed appropriately in our advanced math curriculum. SchoolNova's levels may not match the student's grade in regular school. We emphasize essential topic knowledge over pure math ability.

About the Math Placement Test:

  • It's not a pass-fail test.
  • It's not multiple-choice.
  • Results determine the student's placement based on their knowledge of some essential topics, we do not test math abilities.
  • SchoolNova teachers will conduct the test 1–2 weeks before the semester starts.

Test Duration:

The test generally takes less than an hour. There's no strict time limit.

How the Exam is Administered:

It's a take-home test. Students should:

  • Print out the test(s).  
    • Students in grades 1 – 4 at the regular school should start with the test for levels 1 – 4. The goal is to demonstrate an understanding of essential topics, so they should aim to solve at least 80% of the test. If the test seems too challenging and unfamiliar, they should take the test for the level below. If it feels too easy, they can take the test from the level above. Please note, the answers must show the work.
    • Students in grades 5 – 10 at the regular school should begin with the test for levels 4 – 9 (one level below their regular grade). Like the lower grades, if the test appears too difficult and the material is unfamiliar, they should consider the test for the level below. If it feels too easy, they can take the test from the level above. Again, remember to show work with answers.
  • Choose a quiet, comfortable location.
  • Take the test when well-rested and hydrated, without external aids like computers.
  • Scan the test with the full solutions and email the file(s) to the instructor you signed up for the interview with, at least an hour before the scheduled interview.

Interview Expectations:

Students get roughly 20 minutes with an instructor via Zoom or Google Meet. The aim is to gauge understanding and solution explanation. It can be as short as 5 minutes. Our instructors are friendly and aim to find the best class for the student.

Test Preparation:

Below are topics and sample tests for the Placement test:

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