CaféNova - March 5, 2019

Our guests were professors Anthony Phillips, Alexander Kirillov and Robert Hough from Mathematics Department of Stony Brook University
The evening started with visiting The Iconic Wall - a permanent installation of stone carvings illustrating significant equations in math and physics in the lobby of the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, The original concept of The Iconic Wall was proposed by Dr. Nina Douglas in 2010. The project was further developed by Stony Brook Professor of Mathematics Anthony Phillips.
Since Tony Phillips were one of CaféNova guests, he talked about the creation of the Wall and why those equations and diagrams ended up on the Wall. Our guests explained the meaning of some diagrams and equations and answered numerous questions from students.
We continue discussions about the research interests of the guest faculty, about how their career path was paved and what brought them to do research in math. Students asked questions about history of math and prominent mathematicians of XX century.
Afterwards we proceeded to a session of free discussions and board games. There were discussions about math and physics puzzles, chess and Go games etc.

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