Below you can find some testimonials from our students and parents.

We started sending our two children to School Plus soon after we moved to Stony Brook in 2008, and we have been very happy with it. Our children took lessons in math, physics, French,Russian, and they all have been of very high quality. The school has been particularly good about accommodating them at the level that is right for them. Through the school they met new friends, and the parties enhance their social life.

Nina and Michael Douglas, Professor, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook University

Our eight year old daughter Hannah has been taking math and Russian classes in SchoolPlus at Stony Brook for three+ years.

In math classes the kids learn, along with basic technical skills (like arithmetic calculations and solving simple equations), various fairly advanced concepts and ideas (like symmetry, transformations, coordinates, negative numbers, area, operations with sets, coloring of maps,...). It is usually done through entertaining examples and problems. Mathematical thinking learned this way in early age may become part of one's nature.

Russian classes are very helpful in our effort to preserve Russian language and culture in the family. For instance, Hannah got interested in Russian books for kids, and though still refuses to read on her own, likes when we read her in Russian -- which is already non-trivial.

Lilya and Misha Lyubich, Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Stony Brook University

Our children have been attending SchoolPlus at Stony Brook since the very beginning of the school. It has been an integral part of their education and an important part of our lives. We were new to Long Island. At the school we and the children have made wonderful friends whom we have to this day. We loved being a part of the school and to help our children participate in the plays performed by the school's drama club, the Dragonfly.

At school, our children have learned to read, write and speak Russian, so that they can feel comfortable when they visit their grandparents in Russia. They have developed the intellectual skills and the knowledge that helped them excel in mathematics at the highest level available to them in public schools. Our children enjoy studying mathematics and physics and that this is in large part due to the education they have received in SchoolPlus.

Our daughter is now at an age when she has to begin preparing for college admission. Recently we faced a difficult decision of whether to move to New York city, where our our children were accepted at a leading private school, or to remain on Long Island and keep them in public schools. We have chosen to remain on Long Island. The fact that our children attend SchoolPlus at Stony Brook was an important factor in our decision. SchoolPlus is not a designed as a college preparatory school, but it serves to increase the children's desire to learn every subject in depth, therefore making them better students and better college candidates.

Elena and Vladimir Sadov, Renaissance Technology

My kids who are now 5 and 9 were both attending Schoolplus at Stony Brook since the age of 4. My wife and I are extremely happy with what they learned during their Sunday classes. After the Schoolplus training my older son feels confident in his regular school math classes. In fact, math is now his favorite subject which was not always the case. He does not need us to help him with his regular school math homework anymore. SchoolPlus homework is another matter: the problems there can be quite challenging. As an elite mathematical high school student in the past and a career scientist at present

I can attest that Schoolplus instructors teach math and physics at the highest professional level. An important point though is that it does not require your child to be a mathematical genius: regular kids can and do use the Schoolplus classes to improve their performance in math classes they take Monday to Friday.

Apart from mathematics Schoolplus is the only reason why my older son and his younger brother can read and write in Russian. Their spoken Russian also dramatically improved thanks to SchoolPlus classes. Perhaps, even more important than science or language SchoolPlus helped them to find friends who share the same interests. Like math education this is the gift that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Dr. Sergey Maslov, Brookhaven National Laboratory

Our 5th grade daughter has been attending School Plus at Stony Brook for four years. Her math class provides enrichment beyond what she can learn at school, and has fostered her love of mathematics and problem solving. Her instructors have been especially skilled at teaching complex concepts in a manner that children can grasp. The environment is comfortable and supportive. The instructors make math fun but still challenging! They also encourage and help prepare students for national competitions in mathematics. Another important aspect of the School Plus program is being surrounded by other smart, motivated peers. All in all, taking classes at School Plus helps propel each child toward realizing their full potential. The program is a gem in our community.

Marci Lobel, Ph.D., Stony Brook University

My daughter Elizabeth started taking classes at SchoolPlus when she was two and a half. We started with Russian enrichment class during our first academic year, and Russian and Math classes for pre-schoolers in the following, which we continued through December of 2011.

Many schools offer private classes and enrichment programs. Now that we have moved to NJ and had to look for another school, I finally understand and can fully appreciate how unique and special SchoolPlus program really is. The classes are small, the teachers are incredibly dedicated and caring, the actual lessons are very well organized, homework is posted online, teachers give out their emails and phones, director of the school always parents emails. The diversity of the classes offered in the curriculum is amazing, I have not found any other school anywhere in tri-state area with such a wide scope. Its a real gem in Long Island, I know people drive for an hour just to have their children attend the school.

I really hope, for the sake of all the children who benefit from SchoolPlus classes, that the school has an opportunity to grow and enrich Stony Brook community for years to come. Its such an amazing addition to what they can learn, such a serious resource for all age groups, including parents.

Anastasia Bard, SchoolPlus parent

As a mother of three kids in the program, I watched my kids over the years become more and more interested in mathematics, physics, languages and art. I would like to encourage everyone that lives in the community to send their kids to SchoolPlus as they will gain invaluable insight into the subjects they study. As teachers, we strive to bring to class materials that will develop a deep sense of appreciation.
What a great opportunity for our kids!

Corina Mata, teacher at the program, Renaissance Technology

Weekend classes were wonderful. I took in-depth classes of physics, math and art.
SchoolPlus is in my mind the place where I learned how to study well. I owe much of my knowledge and love of learning to SchoolPlus at Stony Brook.

Roxana Mata, alumnus of the program, currently MIT student

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