Our teachers and staff

This page lists all our teachers and staff and their email addresses.

Math and Science teachers

Language teachers

Art teachers

Preschool teachers

  • Nadezhda Shavarina, M.Sc.- Enrichment program for 3-5 years old (Russian), Theater (shavarina (at) schoolnova.org)
  • Diana Zeltser, M. Sc. - Math (zeltser (at) schoolnova.org)


  • Marina Polonskaia, Ph.D. - Executive Director and Principal of SchoolNova ( director (at) schoolnova.org)
  • Anya Cartwright - Business Manager (cartwright (at) schoolnova.org)
  • Naira Gorovits, Ph.D. - Coordinator of Workshop programs at SchoolNova (gorovits(at) schoolnova.org)
  • Anya Fedurina, Office ssistant, fedurina(at) schoolnova.org) )

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