TA program

Welcome to SchoolNova Junior Teaching Assistant Program.

  • SchoolNova Junior Teacher Assistant program (JTA) offers a unique opportunity to participate in the education process, and share your passion and love for different subjects with youngsters. The program was established in 2013 with only one TA. Today, teacher assistants help teach class, grade homework, play math games with students, help to judge math battles, and make the lesson smooth and fun. The program expects ТАs to help with SchoolNova events like Math placement test, Math competitions and Festivals, social events, etc.
  • You must be a rising 10th grader in the year you apply. If you are younger and interested in helping, ShoolNova will announce the event’s volunteering opportunities separately. Please inquire from ivashkevych@schoolnova.org.
  • The program also offers a path for college students to become a SchoolNova teacher. Undergraduate students may be offered a teaching position after a year or two of being a TA.
  • If you are interested in becoming a TA for SchoolNova, please fill out the TA application form .

Teaching Assistants 2022-2023:


O. Ivashkevych
Program Director

Aaron G.
Math 5 TA

Amy C.
Math 6 TA

Anna F.
Math 2 TA

Anna P.
Art, Math 3 TA

Anna B.
Math 7 TA

Christian A.
Math 4,5 TA

Elena G.
Math 5,6 TA

Eney T.
Physics 1 TA

Gregory L.
Math 8 TA

Lea N.
Chem, Math Club TA

Lijia L.
Math 7 TA

Marc David N.
Math 8, 9 TA

Mark M.

Michael Z.
Math 3, 4 TA

Nicholas S.

Saharsh P.
Math Clubs TA

Sofia A.
Math 4 TA

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