CafeNova - February 5, 2019

The second CafeNova meeting took place on the evening of February 5, 2019!

Our guests were professors Neelima Sehgal and Zohar Komargodski from Stony Brook University and Sergey Dubovsky from New York University.
17 high school students, 4 faculty, 3 graduate students and 2 postdocs spent 3 very interesting hours together.
We have kicked off the evening with some discussions about the research interests of the guest faculty, including the topics of dark matter, confinement of quarks, quantum gravity and other open questions about new physics beyond the Standard Model. The high-school students asked probing questions about all sorts of topics, ranging from wormholes to the many vacua of String Theory.
We then had a round of discussions with the faculty, postdocs and students about how their career path was paved and what brought them to do research in physics. Afterwards we proceeded to a session of free discussions and board games. There were discussions about math and physics puzzles, chess and Go games etc. We had tons of fun.

Below are the photos from the meeting; you can also view them here.

We are looking forward to the next meeting of CafeNova scheduled for the first Tuesday of March (March 5). To learn about the program of that meeting stay tuned for future CafeNova announcements.

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