Math 6c, 2023-24

Teacher: Anton Petruk

Room: SBS_N113
Time: Sunday 10:15AM - 11:50AM
Grades: 6-7
Prerequisites: Math 5 or placement test
Material fee: $10.00

Description: Math level 6 is the 7th year of SchoolNova math program. All the topics are grouped into main blocks, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. Logic and Reasoning block lays the foundation for analytical thinking and problem-solving, covering basic logic laws, operations, combinations, and probabilities. Geometry and Constructions block explains principles of coordinate geometry, basic axioms and theorems, ruler and compass constructions. Algebra and Equations topics master algebraic identities, solving systems of linear equations, and navigating through inequalities. To add an element of excitement, at the end of each block, there will be “math battles” to help students refresh completed topics while competing in solving problems. Homework assignments will be provided on a weekly basis, and timely completion is crucial. Active class participation is strongly encouraged, the emphasis will be on developing creative problem-solving skills, motivating to approach lively practical problems from multiple angles.


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