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Information shown for on this page is for 2023-24 semester, not for the current semester!

Math 6b, 2023-24

Room: HUM3016
Time: Sunday 11:15AM - 12:50PM
Grades: 6-7
Prerequisites: Math 5 or placement test
Material fee: $10.00

Description: Math 6 is the 7th year of the SchoolNova enrichment program math sequence classes. This year, we will study logic and logical expressions, set theory foundations, combinatorics, permutations, number of subsets, etc., basics of probability, geometry and ruler and compass constructions, coordinate geometry, and algebra, including systems of equations. In addition, as usual, we will also solve a number of interesting problems from all areas of mathematics. However, the main emphasis will be on teaching students to solve problems which, while they do require some knowledge of basic topics, are not straightforward exercises but require some creativity. The handouts containing the assignments and sometimes the basic theory will be given to each class. In addition, each student will need a binder, notebook, and pencil.


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