Olga Kosobokova

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About me

I believe that nearly every child has a genuine desire to find out how Nature works. It comes from simple curiosity which we all are blessed with when young. The goal of our Science classes at SchoolNova is to help children make their first steps towards understanding of the surrounding world and to nurture their interest and ability to put up good questions. We will take a general look at many fascinating facts and phenomena. We will begin to develop scientific approach to describing and analyzing various problems. Besides that we will study several important basic concepts required to enter Physics and Chemistry classes.

I received my MS in Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2000. My initial area of specialization was laser physics and fluorescence spectroscopy of biomolecules. Soon after, I came to United States to pursue my PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stony Brook University while working on design of capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencing instruments. I received my PhD in 2005 and continued to work at Stony Brook as a Research Scientist involved in various multidisciplinary applied spectroscopy projects. I've been teaching at School Nova since 2014.

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