Karim Hamdi

About me

I am a French native who received an undergraduate degree in engineering from the University of Le Havre, France. As a student, I tutored children in math and French and wrote articles that got published in French outdoors magazines. I also competed in writing bees, reaching the semi-finals three years in a row.

Every course I teach at School Nova is tailored for beginner, intermediate and advanced French speakers. My educational philosophy is anchored in building a solid foundation first, and then gradually progressing to more advanced topics. I strive to make learning interactive and fun. My favorite quote is: “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire!”

I currently hold a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University and work as an engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

I enjoy traveling the world and discovering new cultures as much as I enjoy sharing my French heritage and background.

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