Diana Zeltser

Current classes

Math C for 4-5 yo
Math A for 4-5 yo

About me

Ms.Zeltser graduated with honors from two schools in Ukraine - Theater at the Performing Arts School, and in High School for Math and Sciences. She attended Odessa State Polytechnic University before moving to the United States. Here, she earned a degree in Computer Science from Hunter College and built a successful programming career.

After becoming a mother, Ms. Zeltser shifted her focus and founded Happy Tunes Inc, a company focused on educational entertainment for children. Her dedication to working with kids has led to numerous accolades, including the prestigious title of Maestro educator from Kindermusik International. This recognition is given annually to the top 100 KI educators worldwide.

Since 2010, Ms. Diana Zeltser has proudly been a part of SchoolNova at Stony Brook University. At the heart of her teaching philosophy lies the conviction that each child possesses distinct talents, and it falls upon us to unearth and cultivate these abilities through practical engagement and innovative problem-solving. Her instructional approach is marked by the creation of a warm and delightful environment, fostering collaborative learning.

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