Jyothi Sistla

Current classes

Chemistry 0

About me

I'm thrilled to introduce myself as your child's teacher at SchoolNova. I hold a master's degree in chemistry and have a true passion for teaching. I've been fortunate to share my knowledge with both undergraduate and high school students in India. During my time doing my postdoc at VCU (Virginia), I had the opportunity to teach graduate students the fundamentals of Glycochemistry.

I aim to make complex subjects accessible and interesting to students, drawing on my experience in chemistry and Life science. My goal is to nurture your child's love for learning while fostering their academic growth.

In addition to my master's degree, I also hold a PhD in Biochemistry. My research background spans a wide range of topics, including drug discovery, Glycochemistry, and structural biology.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns as we embark on this exciting chemical journey together.

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