David Frenklakh

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About me

In my high school years in Russia, I was obsessed with physics and took part in various physics competitions. I had my share of luck going all the way to a silver medal on the International Physics Olympiad in 2012. However, the greatest luck for me was having wonderful teachers who have guided me in the amazing world of physics until I felt there like at home. The feeling that every natural phenomenon around us is understandable makes it even more beautiful. That's why I believe a good teacher is one of the great gifts in life. I wanted to take my part in passing the knowledge and passion for physics, so when I began my undergraduate studies at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, I also became a physics club teacher in the same middle/high school I've graduated from. During six years there, I found that teaching is very inspiring.

After completing my Master's degree in Moscow, I moved to Stony Brook University, and now I am a Ph.D. student working in the field of theoretical nuclear physics. In addition, I am teaching Advanced Physics Club at SchoolNova since 2019.

My favorite part about learning are moments of enlightenment that come after finally grasping the complete picture of some phenomenon. And teaching allows me to relive these moments again and again together with my students.

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