Tatyana Zaliznyak

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Math 5a
Math 4a
Math Club for grades 4-5

About me

I got my M.Sc. in physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Currently, I work as a research scientist at the Department of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences of Stony Brook University. My scientific interests lie in structural biology and biophysics, and, as a scientist in these fields, I appreciate the value of a thorough mathematical education.

Furthermore, I believe that children must have a strong foundation of mathematical knowledge and reasoning ability, built throughout elementary and middle school, to take full advantage of the often difficult mathematical and scientific courses offered throughout high school and college. As a child, I had the opportunity of learning math and physics at a Saturday program for advanced middle and high school students at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. This provided me with an excellent example of how these complex subjects can be taught in a way that is both clear and engaging to young students.

Raising my two children has also given me insight into how math is taught in schools and has allowed me to learn how to enrich this critical childhood learning. For several years, I taught math for grades 4, 5, and 6 at SchoolNova; this year, I am teaching math 4 and a new experimental course - Foundation in Algebra and Geometry.

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