Inna Sus

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About me

My first MS degree was in Physics and Mathematics with specialization in Astronomy from Odessa State University in Ukraine and my latest graduate degree is in Materials Science from Arizona State University. Prior entering university as a high school student, I participated in an amateur astronomy club affiliated with the local university observatory. It was a great time of playing and learning that shaped my learning and teaching philosophy; there are many different ways to do things and nobody said you cannot have fun while doing them. I taught introductory astronomy classes at SD School of Mines and Technology and Arizona State University, and tutored math to elementary and high school students. Lately, School Nova gave me the opportunity to teach math to elementary school children. After working with kids from 8 to 21 years old (3rd grade to undergraduate students), in different parts of the world, I realized that I still like to see big bright stars but this time in the eyes of my students. I am grateful to School Nova and all my students for the opportunity to see so many bright new stars.

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