Summer Learning opportunities

Below is a selection of summer programs in math and sciences which we recommend for our students. More great programs can be found on the web page of American Math Society Epsilon fund.

  • SigmaCamp. This is a one-week residential math and science camp for students age 12-16 . It is not formally affiliated with SchoolNova, yet many of SN faculty also teach in SigmaCamp. It takes place in the third week of August in Silver Lake Camp, CT.
  • MathPath, an advanced summer program for students age 11-14
  • USA/Canada MathCamp. A highly recommended - but also very selective - summer camp for high school students who are passionate about math. Many stundets who had attended MathCamp tell that this was a life-changing experience for them.
  • Ross Mathematics Program. One of the oldest and most respected programs of its kind.
  • PROMYS, a six-week math program for high school students interested in math.

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