Math clubs at SchoolNova - for students grades 1 to 12 (4 clubs)

For Elementary and Middle school students:
To strengthen basic concepts in math through interesting games and activities.
To develop creative problem solving skills through participation in Mathematical Olympiads
To inspire and captivate young children’s interest in mathematics by studying illuminating stories of famous mathematicians and their important discoveries.
To immerse students in mathematics by working on an investigative project.

For High school students:
This club intended for high school students. It will not have a set curriculum; instead, we will be solving and discussing problems from various math Olympiads and competitions such as AMC/AIME/USAMO, Harvard-MIT math tournament, Tournament of the towns and more. We will also invite faculty and students from Stony Brook University math department, many of whom are former participants of International Math Olympiad.

The club is open to all students in grades 8-12 who enjoy solving challenging math problems. We are prepared to divide the group of students if necessary. It is expected that the students have completed standard school algebra sequence.

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