Math 4e, 2019-20

Room: Harriman112
Time: 11:05AM - 12:05PM
Grades: 4-5


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  • Assigned on 09/15: Homework 1  |  Welcome Letter  |  
    Review: long multiplication, long division, equations, word problems
  • Assigned on 09/22: Homework 2  |  
    Quotient and remainder, divisibility rules, equations, multiples, word problems
  • Assigned on 09/29: Worksheet #1: Worksheet #1  |  Homework 3: Homework 3  |  Worksheet #2: Worksheet #2  |  
    Word problems, multiples, divisors, equations, long division. Please complete the attached worksheets if you received an email from me or if you feel like doing it.
  • Assigned on 10/6: Homework: 4  |  
    Prime numbers, Sieve of Eratosthenes. Multiples, LCM and GCD by lilting all multiples and divisors.
  • Assigned on 10/20: Classwork: 5  |  Homework: 5  |  
    Prime factorization, finding GCD and LCM by prime factorization, word problems
  • Assigned on 10/27: Homework: 6  |  
    LCM, GCF, word problems, applying distributive property, adding and subtracting negative numbers: recommended to all, just 2 min,

    watch more, if still confused and continue watching if needed.

  • Assigned on 11/3: Homework: 7  |  
    Beginning fraction addition with different denominator, elementary algebraic expressions, opening parenthesis, word problems.
  • Assigned on 11/10: Homework: 8  |  
    LCM, GCD, regular and irregular fractions, fraction comparison, fraction addition and subtraction, algebraic expressions, distribution property
  • Assigned on 11/17: Homework: 9  |  
    Operations with negative numbers, absolute value, fraction addition and subtraction, multiplying a fraction by a whole number, multiplying a whole number by a fraction, word problems, problem with a fake coin.
  • Assigned on 11/24: Homework: 10  |  Worksheet : equivalent fractions  |  
    Geometry: opposite angles, alternate interior angles, adjacent angles, complementary and supplementary angles, sum of angles in a triangle.
  • Assigned on 12/8: Homework: 11  |  
    Fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Distance, time, speed problems.
  • Assigned on 12/15:
    No Homework, Happy Holidays!
  • Assigned on 01/5: Project: Properties of a Circle  |  Homework: 12  |  
    Please complete the measurements for the project "Properties of a Circle" with the tape measure given in class. You may skip problem #6.
  • Assigned on 01/12: Homework: 13  |  
    Operations with negative numbers, operation with fractions, equation with fractions, word problems
  • Assigned on 01/19: Homework: 14  |  Project Pi: Measurements  |  
    Please complete the measurements for the project Pi as instructed. Topics discussed: operations with fractions, word problems. *Please bring ruler, protractor, compass to the next class.*
  • Assigned on 01/26: Homework: 15  |  
    Constructions of simple geometrical shapes using pencil, ruler, compass. Pipe type problems, operations with fraction, equations
  • Assigned on 02/2: Homework: 16  |  
    Opposite angles, alternate interior angles, theorem about sum of angles in a triangle, equations.
  • Assigned on 02/9: Homework: 17  |  
    Properties of a triangle, equations with fractions. Problem 6 is not required!
  • Assigned on 02/23: Homework: 18  |  
    Operations with fractions, Math Kangaroo

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