Schedule of Math and Science classes, 2019-20

All classes meet on Sundays in Stony Brook University. Rooms starting with A, P, and S (e.g. P122) are located in the Physics building, on corresponding floor, except for P131 which is in the Math building. We also use rooms in Earth and Space Science (ESS) building and in Harriman Hall; please see this diagram for help in finding these buildings.
The calendar for the current semester can be found here.

Advanced Topics in Biology 18-9Alexander VostrovP11912:05PM - 12:50PM
Computer Science 101 A7-8Oleg SmirnovHarriman11510:10AM - 10:55AM
Computer science 101 B7-8Oleg SmirnovHarriman11511:10AM - 11:55AM
Computer Science 201A8-9Oleg SmirnovHarriman1159:15AM - 10:00AM
Science A5-6Olga KosobokovaS1419:15AM - 10:00AM
Science B5-6Olga KosobokovaS14112:10PM - 12:55PM
Earth Science A4-5Olga KosobokovaS14110:10AM - 10:55AM
Earth Science B4-5Olga KosobokovaS14111:10AM - 11:55AM
Math А for 4-5 yopreK-KBoris (Brian) KishinevskyP1309:15AM - 10:00AM
Math B for 4-5 yopreK-KDiana ZeltserP13010:10AM - 10:55AM
Math C for 4-5 yopreK-KDiana ZeltserP13012:15PM - 1:00PM
Math 0aK-1Janna GabinoffP1129:15AM - 10:00AM
Math 0bK-1Janna GabinoffP11212:05PM - 12:50PM
Math 0c_RussianK-1Valentina PogudinaP11611:15AM - 12:00PM
Math 1a1-2Janna GabinoffP11210:10AM - 10:55AM
Math 1b1-2Janna GabinoffP11211:10AM - 11:55AM
Math 1c1-2Inna SusP12311:20AM - 12:05PM
Math club 1a1-2Elena Yakubovskaya Anar AmgalanP1169:00AM - 9:55AM
Math club 1b1-2Elena Yakubovskaya Anar AmgalanP11612:15PM - 1:10PM
Math 2a2-3Inna SusP1239:00AM - 10:00AM
Math 2b2-3Svetlana VostrovaP12411:10AM - 12:10PM
Math 2c2-3Elena YakubovskayaP11610:05AM - 11:05AM
Math 2d2-3Inna SusP12310:10AM - 11:10AM
Math Club 2a3-4Elena Yakubovskaya Anar AmgalanP1249:00AM - 9:55AM
Math club 2b3-4Elena Yakubovskaya Anar AmgalanP12412:15PM - 1:10PM
Math club 2c3-4Elena Yakubovskaya Anar AmgalanP1241:30PM - 2:25PM
Math 3a3-4Svetlana VostrovaP12410:05AM - 11:05AM
Math 3b3-4Dmitry ZaslavskyP11711:05AM - 12:05PM
Math 3c3-4Dmitry ZaslavskyP11712:15PM - 1:15PM
Math 3d3-4Tatiana PortnayaEarthScience07910:05AM - 11:05AM
Math Club 3а5-6Vibha ManeHarriman10812:15PM - 1:00PM
Math club 3b5-6Vibha ManeHarriman1081:05PM - 1:50PM
Math 4a4-5Dmitry ZaslavskyHarriman1089:00AM - 10:00AM
Math 4b4-5Leon ShorHarriman11110:05AM - 11:05AM
Math 4c4-5Tatyana ZaliznyakHarriman11111:15AM - 12:15PM
Math 4d4-5Tatyana ZaliznyakHarriman11112:25PM - 1:25PM
Math 4e4-5Oksana Ivashkevych Harriman11211:05AM - 12:05PM
Math 5a5-6Oksana Ivashkevych Harriman1129:15AM - 10:50AM
Math 5b5-6Leon ShorHarriman11611:15AM - 12:50PM
math 5c5-6Vibha ManeHarriman10810:15AM - 11:45AM
Math 6a6-7Jade NineESS13112:10PM - 1:40PM
Math 6b6-7Corina MataESS13110:15AM - 11:50AM
Math 6c6-7Andrei AntonenkoEarthScience1819:15AM - 10:50AM
Math 7a7-8C. Mihail NichitiuEarthScience06910:15AM - 11:50AM
Math 7b7-8Gabriel CardosoHarriman1169:15AM - 10:50AM
Math 7c7-8Tatiana PortnayaEarthScience07911:15AM - 12:50PM
Math Club 47-9Corina MataESS1319:00AM - 10:00AM
Foundation in Algebra and Geometry 15-7Tatyana ZaliznyakEarthScience1779:15AM - 10:45AM
Math 8a8-9Jade NineEarthScience1839:15AM - 10:45AM
Math 8b8-9Andrei AntonenkoEarthScience18111:10AM - 12:45PM
Math 8c8-9Helmut StreyP13110:10AM - 11:45AM
Math 9a9-10Igor ZaliznyakEarthScience18311:10AM - 12:40PM
Math 1010-11Gabriel CardosoOffice11:10AM - 12:40PM
Adv. Math Problem Solving Club9-12Alexander KirillovP1231:00PM - 2:30PM
Physics 0A6-7Pedro LozanoA13111:10AM - 11:55AM
Physics 0B6-7Pedro LozanoA12912:10PM - 12:55PM
Physics 1A7-8Alexei TkachenkoA1299:15AM - 10:00AM
Physics 1B7-8Alexei TkachenkoA12911:10AM - 11:55AM
Physics 28-9Sergei SuchalkinA1319:15AM - 10:00AM
Physics 38-10Alexei TkachenkoA12910:10AM - 10:55AM
Physics 48-10Sergei SuchalkinA13110:10AM - 10:55AM
Physics Club7-9Sergei SuchalkinA13112:10PM - 12:55PM
Advanced Physics Club10-12Zohar KomargodskiP1222:40PM - 4:10PM
Chemistry 101 A7-9Mark LukinEarthScience0699:15AM - 10:00AM
Chemistry 101 B7-8Mark LukinEarthScience06912:10PM - 12:55PM

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