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Information shown for on this page is for 2022-23 semester, not for the current semester!

Math 6a, 2022-23

Teacher: Pedro Lozano

Room: HUM3008
Time: Sunday 10:15AM - 11:50AM
Grades: 6-7
Prerequisites: Math 5 or placement test
Material fee: $10.00

Description: This is the seventh (7) year in the sequence of the mathematical courses offered by SchoolNova. While we will go over certain regular school topics such as absolute values, powers, square roots, rational and irrational numbers, algebraic expressions, linear equations and word problems leading to them, basics of probability, and geometry, the emphasis will be on developing student’s ability to logically explain their solutions and think “outside the box”. We will also introduce the concept of proofs and derive a few relatively straightforward ones. To make the class a bit more entertaining, we will run several math battles where students are divided into teams and compete to get the highest number of points for a given problem. Homework will be assigned every week and must be completed on time. There is absolutely no point in signing up for the class if a student does not have time to do the homework. If a student cannot solve a certain homework problem, they are expected to come up with a set of questions that would demonstrate an honest attempt at solving one. Students are expected to speak during the lesson, so class participation is highly encouraged.


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