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Math 6a, 2021-22

Room: Harriman112
Time: Sunday 10:15AM - 11:45AM
Grades: 6-7
Prerequisites: Math 5 or placement test
Material fee: $15.00

Description: This is the seventh (7) year in the sequence of the mathematical courses offered by SchoolNova.

This Math6 class will follow the standard SchoolNova curricular. We will continue adding another layer of complexity of algebra, geometry, and combinatorics. We will cover in-length knights and knaves logic puzzles, arithmetic and geometric sequences, and begin functions. In addition, we will do crafts and play games for the discussed topics and just for fun.

A few Math battles will be held during the year. $10 fee will be spent on popular Lindor Chocolates for a good mood to reward students for the completed homework.


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