Math 5c, 2023-24

Room: SBS_N108
Time: Sunday 11:15AM - 12:50PM
Grades: 5-6
Prerequisites: Math 4 or placement test
Material fee: $0.00

Description: This is the sixth (6) year in the sequence of mathematical courses offered by SchoolNova. Topics include prime factorization, fractions, algebraic rules, absolute values, powers, square roots, rational and irrational numbers, algebraic expressions and word problems, binary numbers, and basic Euclidean geometry and probability. The concept of proof will be introduced. Class participation is highly encouraged. Emphasis will be on the students discovering aspects of mathematics for themselves through guided lectures and problems. Some of these discoveries will be made through homework, which will be assigned every week and must be completed on time. Completing weekly homework is vital, and participating actively in class is crucial for progressing to the next level.


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