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Information shown for on this page is for 2022-23 semester, not for the current semester!

Advanced English C2 (online), 2022-23

Teacher: Kara Palumbo

Room: Online
Time: Saturday 12:30PM - 1:15PM
Grades: 9-12
Prerequisites: Adv. Engl B or teacher's permission
Material fee: $0.00

Description: Advanced English C: Students learn how to annotate and analyze classic literature. They are taught to read a text to understand the author's purpose, a skill that will benefit them in high school and will help them on their college exams. Students will pick from multiple genres and submit their writing for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. They will be introduced to portions of standardized tests necessary for college.


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  • Assigned on 09/18:
    No homework on the 1st day of class. We must wait for the second day of classes to begin homework.
  • Assigned on 10/2:
    We will begin reading a story together this Saturday. I don't want students beginning it on their own. Therefore, there will be no homework this week.
  • Assigned on 10/16: Homework: "The Masque of the Red Death"  |  
    Read up to the top of page 7, finish that paragraph. Finish the sentence, "But to the chamber which lies most westwardly ...remote gaieties of the other apartments." DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT. While you are reading, write down any questions you may have about the story. I am going to give you time in the beginning of class to ask me these questions. If I see that no one has questions, I will assume you will all be ready to answer every question I have on all parts of the text up to the point that I asked you to read up to. After you read, or even during, underline vocabulary words you are unfamiliar with, then write them in a list on a separate piece of paper. You do not need to define them!
  • Assigned on 10/23: Homework : Printout Text  |  
    Your ONLY homework is to print out the PDF of “The Masque of the Red Death.” We will discuss annotation in class. But for now, I only want you to come to class with a printed out copy of the text. Do not read at home. We will read as a class. *If for some odd reason, the link for the PDF doesn’t work, Google “The Masque of the Red death” PDF and then print out a pdf version of the text.
  • Assigned on 10/30: Homework: Close reading, ending "The Masque of the Red Death  |  
  • Assigned on 11/6:
  • Assigned on 11/13:
    Whether or not you were in class last week, you have the text to assist you with this week's homework. By studying Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death," the reader can find multiple accounts of symbolism. Find your favorite example of symbolism in the text. Then look online for reliable sources/articles that discuss how that symbolism is being used in the text. Come to class with a vast amount of knowledge about each article, the articles printed out, and their websites. If you don't know where to find reliable sources, try searching the type of symbolism you are looking for, the title of the story ("The Masque of the Red Death"), and the words "scholarly articles."
  • Assigned on 11/20: Classwork: Outline for "The Masque of the Red Death"  |  
  • Assigned on 12/11:
    Now that you have your thesis statements and introduction, please start writing your first 2 body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should have no less than 5 sentences. If your sentences are only comprised of 3 words, don't count it. And you can ABSOLUTELY have more than 4 sentences in each body paragraph.
  • Assigned on 01/8:
    Please continue working on your essays. Insert (correlate) the edits into your work and then write your conclusion. WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR WORK THIS WEEK, IT SHOULD BE ONE COMPLETE ESSAY: INTRODUCTION, BODY PARAGRAPHS, AND ESSAY.
  • Assigned on 01/15:
    Your paper is due this Thursday at 8:00p.m. Papers MUST INCLUDE Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion (conclusion must have at least 4 sentences). Papers handed in past the due date/time will receive a 5 point deduction.
  • Assigned on 01/29:
    Not many readers understand why someone would write something so horrid. As disturbing as that ending is, Jackson created that story to represent something on a much deeper level. But what? The villagers stoned someone and then just went about their day. They killed someone for no reason, disrupted an entire family's life because it was part of their tradition. This tradition, as cruel as it was, became so natural, that children were part of it. I want you to think about society today, or maybe what is taught in your history books. Write a well developed paragraph explaining another tradition or initiation, cultural, tribal, religious, etc., that can harm someone or a group of people. It does not have to harm them physically, but possibly mentally, emotionally, etc. As farfetched as Shirley Jackson's story is, maybe it's not too far off from reality.
  • Assigned on 02/5:
    There is no homework. Now is the time to hand in any late, missing, or unfinished work.
  • Assigned on 02/26:
    Link for NPR article "Us and Them" by David Sedaris https://legacy.npr.org/programs/morning/features/2004/jun/sedaris/usandthem.html
  • Assigned on 03/5:
    My apologies, but there will be no homework this week. What I intend to teach cannot be started without an in class lesson. BUT…. We are going to begin working on an essay that involves comparing literary texts. With that said, you have just read two pieces of literature where characters are considered Other (we will be discussing Otherness as seen in literature). Think about these concepts: (1) The similarities of the 2 texts. (2) How is Otherness demonstrated?
  • Assigned on 03/12:
    Because there was only one student in attendance last week, I cannot move forward with another assignment. Therefore, please come to class with both "The Pedestrian" and "Us and Them" well-read and understood. You will be comparing both texts CLOSELY.
  • Assigned on 03/26:
    Write your introduction and first body paragraph. Now that you have your list of similarities between Leonard Meade in "The Pedestrian" and the Tomkey's in "Us and Them" begin writing your Comparative Essay. By this upcoming Thursday, hand in your introduction and 1st body paragraph
  • Assigned on 04/2:
    Please complete two more body paragraphs. If you feel you have more than 2 MORE body paragraphs left before your conclusion, that is ok. I will give you time to complete them. Remember, prior to this assignment, you already handed in your introduction and a body paragraph, You are adding 2 ADDITIONAL paragraphs.
  • Assigned on 04/16:
    Please complete your essay. If you have been working on your essay for the last 4-5 weeks, then all you have left is your conclusion. You have 5 days to write 5 sentences. I know you can do this!
  • Assigned on 04/30:
    Write out your 3 proposals. Include detailed descriptions telling me what type of change or aide you will bring forth in this country (or help to others). You should have at the very least 20 sentences.
  • Assigned on 05/7:
    Please submit a draft of your speech on Google Classroom by this Thursday 6pm
  • Assigned on 05/14:
    Hand in a completed copy of your speech. Be ready to present your speech on Saturday. Be sure to use: Empathy Confidence Quote from a credible source Get your message across at the beginning of each proposal, don't wait until you are well into your proposal to tell us the point. If you want to add a repeated phrase that people will remember you by, that is fine. It is not necessary.

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