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Information shown for on this page is for 2021-22 semester, not for the current semester!

Computer Science 201 B (online), 2021-22

Teacher: William Zhang

Room: Online
Time: Tuesday 4:00PM - 4:45PM
Grades: 8-11
Prerequisites: computer science 101 and teacher's permission
Material fee: $0.00

Description: CS 202 is the second year of SchoolNova Computer Science curriculum and it builds upon CS 101 (successful completion of CS 101 is a required prerequisite). The programming language is Python. Students cover advanced Python topics and various packages, work on several major projects, and practice problems from programming competitions. Students taking the course are expected to complete all homework assignments.


These homeworks are copyrighted material, posted here for use by SchoolNova students and parents. Everyone else is welcome to print a copy of these materials for their personal use; any redistribution or commercial use is prohibited

  • Assigned on 09/26: Homework 1. : Recap.  |  
  • Assigned on 10/3: Homework 3.: OOP  |  
  • Assigned on 10/17: Homework 4.: Missing planes  |  
  • Assigned on 10/24:
  • Assigned on 10/31:
  • Assigned on 11/14:
    Submit your custom floodfill maze solver with a cooler and more complex maze. Output the path and if you want to, perhaps have it output ascii art depicting the maze and correct path (if there is one).
  • Assigned on 11/21:
    USACO 2019 Silver Problem 2: Please register for USACO, implement the solution discussed in class, and submit your code here once it passes all of the test cases.
  • Assigned on 12/12:
    Tic Tac Toe AI Intro: https://replit.com/@WilliamHYZhang/12-14
  • Assigned on 01/9:
    Tic Tac Toe AI GUI (Tkinter) https://replit.com/@WilliamHYZhang/1-11
  • Assigned on 01/16:
    Final Tic Tac Toe project submission https://replit.com/@WilliamHYZhang/Tic-Tac-Toe-AI#main.py
  • Assigned on 02/6:
    Prefix Sum: https://replit.com/@WilliamHYZhang/2-2#main.py, refer to Google Jamboard for CodeForces problem.
  • Assigned on 02/13:
  • Assigned on 02/27:
  • Assigned on 03/6:
  • Assigned on 03/13:
    For HW try to modify internal_set to support dictionary-like data structure. See the comments on the Repl.it for more details.
  • Assigned on 03/20:
  • Assigned on 03/27:
    Please refer to same replit link as last time. Thanks!
  • Assigned on 04/10:
  • Assigned on 04/24:
  • Assigned on 05/15:

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