Janna Gabinoff

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Math 1a
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About me

I graduated with an honors BA degree in Economics from St. Petersburg Academy of Engineering and Economics. I have been involved in SchoolNova since 2005, and because my own children went there, I saw the way classes were run and organized. I love the school’s math program and teaching philosophy. I went through all math levels with my own children, worked with them, and helped them. I have always been sitting in the classroom and have seen the way classes were taught. I have also been actively involved in the school’s life by organizing extracurricular activities for the kids. Children try new things while socializing with other students in a nice, friendly environment. Additionally, I organized a drama club for my kids and their friends from SchoolNova.

In 2013, I became a substitute teacher in SchoolNova and realized that I love teaching kids and watching them learn new things. I enjoy teaching an enrichment math. In my classroom, I like to incorporate math games to see the way children react and handle different tasks and how they approach different problems. I do this because I want to make the class interesting and fun yet educational.

SchoolNova provides a very beneficial experience for all children. I would like to see myself as a part of the great team that has gained an experience through almost 10 years of bringing kids to the next level of intelligence.

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