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My name is Kara Palumbo, I graduated with my MA in English from Stony Brook University in 2016 where I went on to receive my English Teaching Certification. I have worked with students at both the middle school and high school level in English Composition, Literature Studies, and test preparation.

My objective is to enrich my students in their understanding of poetry and its form as well as help build their efficiency and confidence in both writing and presentation. The idea is for students to take part in the learning process. It is easy to sit and write; I want my students to inquire, discuss and present. I have spent countless hours in classrooms sitting quietly and taking notes, only to then throw those notes away without remembering half of what I had learned. For students to be enriched, they need to be involved. Every student will have something different to bring into the classroom, it is my job to identify that “uniqueness” and encourage its development. Today, students are expected to learn at a pace and at a level that will make them college and career ready, regardless of age. Together we will prepare them for both.

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