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I was born and grew up in Ukraine. I graduated from Nikolaev School of Fine Art, and gained my first and most fantastic work experience from joining the science-fiction writers community as an illustrator.

The following few years I spent in Moscow, attending MGIMO, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, only to confirm that I deeply longed to return back into the field of Art.

In 1992 I came to the USA, took 2D design and photography in Suffolk Community College to start, then pursued Photography and Video production in SVA (School of Visual Arts) in New York.

The last decade I have spent working in the fields of Photography, Computer Graphics and Illustration, as well as teaching.

In 2007 I opened the doors of my art studio "Running With Colors" to students, offering classes in Fine Art, Digital Arts, Photography and Ceramics, and have enjoyed teaching art ever since.

It's been my privilege to see my students' artwork on display at "Running With Colors" Art Exhibit every June. They never stop amazing me!

Aside from my studio work, I've been involved in numerous local children's art projects, including publishing of an annual Art and Literary Magazine.

I strongly believe that children's natural intellectual curiosity and adventuresome spirit face too many dangers of being stifled early on, instead they should be cherished and celebrated. Given the opportunity, kids would show us the ways we could have never imagined! That's the genius of our children. And that's what I enjoy witnessing the most in the art studio.

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