Anton Petruk

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Math 6c

About me

Teaching Mathematics is a crucial responsibility as it lays the foundation for children's academic journey, regardless of their chosen field. Moreover, we use logic and arithmetic in our everyday lives. Therefore, a better understanding of math positively impacts our thinking, making it more logical, strict, and at the same time flexible.

In my view, it is vital to connect mathematical concepts to real-life applications. Simply focusing on numbers can be tedious, which is why I incorporate practical problems into my teaching. This approach not only helps children remember the material more easily, but also encourages them to explore how math is used in engineering and science, fostering their interest in these subjects.

I earned my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia. After completing my Master’s degree with honors, I moved to Stony Brook University to pursue my Ph.D. Currently, I am working on my dissertation within the Optoelectronics group, where I study light phenomena in semiconductor materials from both physical and mathematical perspectives.

Interacting with exceptional Professors, who are experts in teaching math and science, has formed my academic habits and motivated me to give my best when educating students. Along with doing science, I am working in the University as a Teaching Assistant, providing instructions to undergraduate students in the field of Electrical Engineering.

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