Svetlana Adragna

Current classes

Math 2a
Math 2c

About me

I graduated with a Master of Arts in Linguistics and Literature from Kazan State University with a specialization in Russian Language and Literature.

I first came to SchoolNova as a parent when I brought my then preschool-age son to attend classes here many years ago. I was always present at my son's lessons and loved the teaching approach and material presentation. When my son was in SchoolNova, I was a substitute teacher for math and Russian language for preschool-age kids at SchoolNova. In addition, I also ran a Russian Language after-school program for American high school students for a few years. However, my main teaching experiences at SchoolNova primarily consisted of working with preschool and early school children.

I believe that when children are exposed to knowledge from an earlier age, it creates a sense of curiosity to learn and find out new things. Their thirst for knowledge and a life-long love of learning increase as well.

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