Tatiana Pyatina

About me

I think of learning as an adventure that allows us to discover new interests, new exciting activities, new ways to see the world around us, and, in a way, new ourselves. In that sense chemistry is probably one of the easiest sciences to get excited about, imagining amazing transformations that a matter can undergo, thinking of the achievements that chemistry has made over the years, and the questions that remain to be answered. I hope that going through the class of general chemistry at SchoolNova we will keep this excitement of an adventure helping each other to learn, to ask questions, and to find answers, at least, to some of them. I also hope to make this class both exciting and informative so that all of us will feel worth it to spend a part of our Sundays on it. During the class, we will start with the general terms and definitions to have a common language, look into the structure of the atoms of different elements, chemical bonds that elements can form, the periodic table, chemical reactions, and the most important classes of inorganic compounds.

I am a materials scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory working on materials for challenging chemical and thermomechanical conditions of geothermal wells recovering the heat of the Earth or energy storage wells. Before joining the lab, I worked as a senior development engineer designing, developing, and commercializing materials for subterranean wells at Schlumberger Ltd. in France. I got my Ph.D. with a major in environmental engineering and a minor in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology.

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