Alexander Vostrov

About me

I received an MS degree in Biophysics from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (USSR) in 1984. In 1992 I came to work at the Department of Psychiatry, SUNY at Stony Brook where I researched molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease. In 2005 I defended my Ph.D. dissertation at the St. Petersburg State University (Russia). I also underwent post-doctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (Bethesda, MD) in 2007-2009. Upon completion of the training, I returned to SUNY at Stony Brook. My research interests include protein-nucleic acid interaction, gene expression regulation, and epigenetics.

I was lucky to study biology at the time of numerous revolutionary discoveries. And the incredible expansion of knowledge in biology and related fields still continues at a great pace. Sometimes the sheer amount of information one needs to absorb every day could be overwhelming. In my opinion, it is very important in this situation to have a system for learning new facts and relate it to the basic concepts of modern molecular biology.

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