Aneta Iordanova

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About me

As a teacher in SchoolNova, I would like to share with my students the passion I have for mathematics and sciences. I try to engage every single person in the classroom, explore students’ strengths, develop their abilities to a high level, and build their confidence so that they can find their way to solve difficult problems on their own.

I hold a Master's degree in Physics and Teaching Physics from Sofia University (Bulgaria) and, more recently, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I have been teaching continually since my graduation: at the beginning as a classroom maths and physics teacher to middle and high school students in Bulgaria, later on, as a laboratory instructor to undergraduate students while working towards my graduate degree and, in my latest research scientist positions, as a supervisor of the work of Ph.D. students.

I have gained teaching experience from different countries, working in diverse classroom settings. This experience has provided me the opportunity to compare different educational systems and to incorporate the best practices and ideas when teaching.

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