Summer 2021 Workshops Enrollment and Placement


  • The maximum enrollment for every class has been set up and will not exceed 12 students.  When enrollment reaches the capacity for a particular class, a waiting list will be formed.
  • Wait listed students will be enrolled in the classes if the spot becomes available after June 25th or if there is a sufficient number of students to justify opening an additional class on a specific subject.
  • The minimum enrollment for every class has been set up. If the class enrollment drops below the minimum of 6 students, the class may be cancelled.
  • Parents may choose to pay a higher tuition to bring the total tuition to the minimum level, so that the class opens if the minimum enrollment has not been reached.



  • Initial placement into classes is based on the parent's choice during the registration process, but will be vetted by our authomated system to assure that the child's grade level is appropriate for the chosen class
  • Teachers have the right to move students to a different level within the first  week of student's attendance.
  • The placement criteria and the list of topics which will be covered in each level can be found on the classes page.

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