Rahul Ram


Hello! I’m currently a junior attending High School, and now a second-year teacher assistant at SchoolNova. Throughout my childhood, I’ve had a special interest in mathematics and in recent years I’ve been doing more work with regards to the topic. After I competed at high school arithmetic competitions, I started attending SchoolNova’s mathematics classes in 2014 and as a final-year student, I became a teacher assistant in 2019 while I finished up the sequence of math classes. I also attended CafeNova a couple of times to meet and network with scientists/researchers at BNL and SBU. I aspire to do higher math as I go on throughout high school and college and have my legacy at SchoolNova to thank for this enthusiasm in the subject. Recently, I assisted with SchoolNova's transition to a remote learning environment in light of COVID-19 by setting up the official Discord. I'm hoping my presence as a TA can greatly promote students' interest in the topics at hand and make SchoolNova a better place.

Contact : Rahul@schoolnova.org

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