Math clubs 1 and 2

Tentative list of topics for Math clubs 1 and 2.

  • Are you good at giving directions?
  • Not just squares: domino, triomino, tetromino and pentomino! Pentominoes 2D and 3D Blokus game.
  • Baguette and pizza: how many cuts to share with everyone?
  • Cut a chain with the minimal cut! Knots: tie your shoes! Loops and knots: making chains without staplers, glues or tapes!
  • Fold and cut theorem: how to cut only once?
  • host Blitz: how fast can you match shapes and colors or none of them?
  • Game of SET: all the same or all different!
  • What color is your hat?
  • Logic table: how to tell a knave from a knight?
  • Mirrors symmetry: everyday object hidden in plain sight! More mirrors: who can read upside down? Just from the bottom half?
  • Even more symmetry: what can a single hole punch do?
  • Mirrors again: how do kaleidoscopes work?
  • The skyscraper problem: how are city streets arranged?
  • Keva: can you make a leaning tower from plain wooden planks?
  • Projections: can side views tell us everything about an object? What do cubes look like when flat?
  • Zome: how many sticks can make a soccer ball?
  • Cyphers: how to write secret messages and how to read them?
  • Game-theory: how to win always?
  • Tessellation: can identical shapes fill the entire board?

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