Festival 2018

Dear SchoolNova families and friends,
We are delighted to invite you to 2nd SchoolNova Math and Science Festival on Sunday, March 25th, 2018
The Festival will be held at SchoolNova, covering the entire Plaza-level of the Physics and Astronomy building. All regular classes are in session only Math Clubs will be canceled.

    Festival Organizer – SchoolNova at Stony Brook.
    Our Partners – SCGP, Departments of Physics and Astronomy and Mathematics, and SigmaCamp

Festival is partially sponsored by MJS foundation

    View all pictures from Festival here: https://schoolnova.smugmug.com/organize/2017-18/2018-SchoolNova-Math-and...

From 1pm to 3pm students of all ages, their friends and family are invited to visit stations on a wide variety of topics, including:
- Multiple stations with mathematical games that are challenging both for adults and children.
- Fun with mirrors
- Balancing everything: from geometric shapes to farm animals
- Linguistic and cryptography challenges
- Programming robots to navigate a labyrinth
- Real-life labyrinth for younger students
- Demonstration of physics and chemistry experiments
- Complex engineering challenges using simple tools
- and many others!
If you have friends who are not SchoolNova students - it is a great time to visit the school – invite them to the Festival!
There will be no need to sign up: students can move between stations or stay at their favorite one as long as they want.

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