Program of preschool enrichment classes

Enrichment program for ages 3-4

No prerequisites

In an enjoyable playful manner, students will learn numbers, ordinal count, grasp the concept of describing the object differentiating shapes, colors, and sizes.
We will be working on receptive and expressive languages. Children will learn to address their needs, how to play with others, take turns, listen and follow the directions. There will be plenty of hands-on activities, developing problem-solving and logical reasoning, fine and gross motor skills. Additional activities such as Music and Movement, memory games, nursery rhymes, and mind-stimulating board games will enhance and support their overall brain and whole-body development at the age appropriate level.

Early Math for ages 4-5

No prerequisites

Math 4-5 is designed to interest kids in Mathematics and is taught interactive way, making sure they totally grasp basic concepts that are crucial to understand at their age in order to succeed later in arithmetics, algebra and geometry.
Children will learn to identify problems, process them, analyze, and discover solutions(s). We promote problem - solving and creativity using various mind stimulating games that support brain development including logical reasoning, spacial relations, coordination, gross and fine motor skills, as well as language receptiveness and expressiveness. They will also learn to follow directions, and develop their memory.

Russian language programs

Программа для 3-4х летних детей

Занятия ведутся на русском языке.
Повторяем и учим цвета, фигуры, цифры от 0 до 10.
Учимся соотносить счет и знание цифр.
Расширяем словарный запас, обсуждаем темы: животные, окружающие нас предметы, сказки.
Получаем представление о последовательности и противоположностях.
Начинаем учить буквы. Играем в развивающие игры.
Вырезаем, клеим, лепим, раскрашиваем.

Программа для детей 4-5 лет

Обучение чтению и расширение словарного запаса.
Каждый урок проходим новую букву и звук, составляем и читаем слоги, повторяем пройденный материал.
30 тем об окружающем нас живом мире и предметах.
Игры со словами и развивающие игры.

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