Russian 1a, 2019-20

Room: P122
Time: 11:10AM - 11:55AM
Grades: 2-4


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  • Assigned on 09/15: homework  |  
    Домашняя работа. Сентябрь 15. Русский 2 Задание1. Читать текст о русском баснописце Иване Андреевиче Крылове. Задание2. Учить наизусть басню» Лебедь, рак и щука «- рассказывать с выражением!!!!!!
  • Assigned on 09/22: Homework  |  
    Watch this video!! and
  • Assigned on 09/29: Classwork: Homework  |  
    Homework for this week!
  • Assigned on 10/6: Classwork: Homework  |  
  • Assigned on 11/3: Homework: Homework  |  
    Homework for this week!!
  • Assigned on 11/10: Homework: Homework  |  
    New Homework Posted!!
  • Assigned on 11/17: Homework: Homework  |  
    Homework for this week!!
  • Assigned on 12/8: Homework: Homework  |  
    Please look at this week's homework!!

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