French B, 2020-21

Time: Sunday 10:10AM - 10:55AM
Grades: 5-7


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  • Assigned on 09/20:
    Practice saying the alphabet letters. Spell out aloud your name and your siblings' name.
  • Assigned on 09/27:
    Greetings and Salutations. Write a dialogue. See Google Classroom for instructions. Merci
  • Assigned on 10/4:
    Check Google Classroom (classwork) for the homework on spelling numbers.
  • Assigned on 10/18: Homework: Numbers. Birthdays.  |  
    Continue memorizing numbers to 1000+. Homework is posted in G Classroom.
  • Assigned on 10/25:
    Catch up on past homework, if needs be. There are 2 interactive exercises on G Classroom.
  • Assigned on 11/1:
    National French Week is on: enjoy some videos to prepare for the Kahoot! 2020. They are on Google Classroom.
  • Assigned on 11/8:
    Continue practicing your numbers (spelling). No written homework. Thank you for participating in our national Kahoot! on Francophonie.
  • Assigned on 11/15:
    See Google Classroom for homework
  • Assigned on 11/22:
    No homework
  • Assigned on 12/6:
    See G Classroom for homework. Memorize to be and to have.
  • Assigned on 12/13:
    Memorize to be and to have (verbs). There are 2 assignements (homework) to complete. Those who did not complete the ones due today, please do so.
  • Assigned on 12/20:
    See G Classroom. Best wishes for 2021 !

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