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Information shown for on this page is for 2021-22 semester, not for the current semester!

Art А, 2021-22

Room: P125
Time: Sunday 9:15AM - 10:00AM
Grades: 4-7
Material fee: $65.00

Description: SchoolNova Art course is developed to cover the core elements and principles of design while introducing a variety of fascinating techniques and materials ranging from traditional to unique and unusual. Each year a new Theme of the Year is selected to deep-dive into different branches of Visual Arts, such as Illustration, Utilitarian Art, Digital, Cultural or Traditional, to name a few. In a series of art projects (including 3D), we find inspiration from nature and the artistic world and history, but more importantly, uncover a diversity of creative ideas, styles, and approaches right here, in our classroom. We round up each year with a display of students' artwork in a SchoolNova Art Exhibit in the hope to spread beauty and ignite the inspiration and creative fearlessness in all.


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