Advanced English B2 (online), 2023-24

Teacher: Kara Palumbo

Room: Online
Time: Saturday 12:20PM - 1:05PM
Grades: 7-8
Prerequisites: advanced english A or teacher's recommendation
Material fee: $0.00


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  • Assigned on 09/17:
    There will be no homework, as per SN direction.
  • Assigned on 09/24: Homework: Vocabulary for "The Tell-Tale Heart"  |  
    Define the vocabulary words in the attached source file.
  • Assigned on 10/1:
    Please check Google Classroom due to copyright restrictions.
  • Assigned on 10/15:
    No Homework
  • Assigned on 10/22:
    There will be no homework this week due to a death in my family. Homework will resume the following week.
  • Assigned on 10/29:
    I would like to commend you all on the amazing job you did on your mock trial! We will begin a new unit this upcoming Saturday, therefore you cannot begin anything on your own as of now. See you on Saturday.
  • Assigned on 11/5:
    Answer the following prompt. Reflect on your membership in a community to which you feel connected. Why is this community meaningful to you? You may define community however you like. This answer must be at most a page and a half, and at least one page. Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font. NOT A 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY. SHOULD BE ONE STRAIGHT PARAGRAPH ANSWERING THE PROMPT DIRECTLY Please submit your response on a Google Doc or Word Doc ONLY.
  • Assigned on 11/12:
    Please work on corrections and submit your rewritten work on GoogleClassroom
  • Assigned on 11/19: Homework: Short Answer Questions  |  
    Answer the questions in the attached documents. Submit on Google Classroom.
  • Assigned on 12/3:
  • Assigned on 12/10: Homework: "The Gift of the Magi" Part 1  |  
  • Assigned on 12/17:
    There will be no homework. Have a wonderful holiday break.
  • Assigned on 02/4:
    1st - look over my comments and make all the necessary changes. 2nd - take what you have learned from the 1st body paragraph (and it's corrections) and write your second body paragraph. All of this to be completed on Google Classroom
  • Assigned on 02/11:
    Please look back at all my corrections and comments and make the necessary changes. Add your next two body paragraphs. Remember, each body paragraph should discuss the next 2 or 3 stages of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. Each paragraph must have 5-7 (or more) sentences. DO NOT summarize the story in these paragraphs. This is about the stages of the Hero's Journey.
  • Assigned on 02/25:
    You are submitting your paper for a final grade. Complete all of the stages necessary for your hero to finish the Hero's Journey. Please look at all of my comments from the last 5 weeks. Make the necessary corrections.
  • Assigned on 03/3:
    No Homework
  • Assigned on 03/17:
    No Homework

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