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Information shown for on this page is for 2019-20 semester, not for the current semester!

Advanced English B2, 2019-20

Teacher: Kara Palumbo

Room: Harriman104
Time: Sunday 1:05PM - 1:50PM
Grades: 7-8


These homeworks are copyrighted material, posted here for use by SchoolNova students and parents. Everyone else is welcome to print a copy of these materials for their personal use; any redistribution or commercial use is prohibited

  • Assigned on 09/15: Welcome Letter and Scholastic Contest Homework  |  
  • Assigned on 09/22: Choose Your Category HW 2  |  
  • Assigned on 09/29: Typed Draft HW 3: Due 10/06  |  
  • Assigned on 10/6: Final Copy HW 4: Due 10/20  |  
  • Assigned on 10/20: Mandela Packet HW 5: Due 10/27  |  
  • Assigned on 10/27:
    No homework
  • Assigned on 11/3:
    Please write a first draft of your SAT essay. If you were absent, you MUST email me to get the information for the essay (this is due to copy write issues). If you can type it, please do. You will be making corrections and if you type it, you can simply go back into your doc and fix it.
  • Assigned on 11/10:
    Please rewrite your draft. Consider what was discussed in class. You should have at least 4 separate paragraphs, higher level vocabulary, a clearly stated claim, and varying sentence structure. Keep in mind that you are being graded on your comprehension, analysis, and writing.
  • Assigned on 11/17: SAT vocabulary: The homework you were not supposed to get!  |  
    DO NOT COME TO CLASS WITH YOUR COMPUTERS. I am grading your 2nd Drafts. You will receive them back next week with corrections and grades (9/9). If you saved your work on your computer and you want to start making obvious corrections now, I strongly suggest you do that. You will be writing your final copy during Thanksgiving break; start now and give yourself less to work on. For your homework, see attachments.
  • Assigned on 11/24:
    Print out the following short story and bring it to class on December 8th. The link is below. Copy and paste the link and then print. We will read it in class. If you have a printing issue, email me BEFORE December 2nd. http://staff.esuhsd.org/danielle/english%20department%20lvillage/rt/Short%20Stories/Thank%20You,%20Ma%27am.pdf
  • Assigned on 12/8: homework: The Good Deed Project  |  
    Read "Thank You Ma'am" and then answer the attached questions (see homework link). If you have ANY questions contact me via email before 12/13, so that I can help you.
  • Assigned on 12/15: Good Deed Research: research and 3 summaries  |  
  • Assigned on 01/5:
    Please click on Advanced English B1 for your homework assignment.
  • Assigned on 01/12:
    No homework
  • Assigned on 01/19:
    Please complete the introduction for your research papers. Make sure you have a solid thesis and that your reference the points you are going to cover in your paper.
  • Assigned on 01/26:
    Please complete the outline for your Good Deed essay. I (Mrs. Palumbo) will be there this Sunday 2/2/2020. I expect to see a completed introduction and a completed outline. Both of these should be typed.
  • Assigned on 02/2:
    The only homework is to be prepared with what was due last week. Email me with any questions.
  • Assigned on 02/9: homework: print out  |  
  • Assigned on 02/23:
    Please come to class with your essays completed and printed out. Sources must be cited. Email me with any questions before 3/7/20
  • Assigned on 03/1:
    MANY of you did not come to class prepared! Next week is your final week to hand in your essay. You know what to do and you know what is require. Please be prepared next week. At least 2 pages long, plus a work cited page.
  • Assigned on 03/8: homework: Online Discussion Article  |  
  • Assigned on 03/22:
    Please complete your creative writing assignment. It should be written in first person and it must include 3 quotes from Edgar Allan Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death." The quotes can NOT be led into ("the quote says," "the story says," etc.). There has to be a smooth transition between your thoughts and the words from the story. This shows the eerie comparison of the story and our current situation. Once you have completed the assignment, submit it in Google Classroom.
  • Assigned on 03/29:
    Please take a look at your creative writing assignments. They have all been graded and returned. I want you to make the necessary adjustments to your papers and then resubmit them on Google Classroom. For those of you that received a 100, you do not have any homework.
  • Assigned on 04/5: Homework: Slam Poetry  |  
  • Assigned on 04/19:
    Your homework is to review all the poetic devices and literary devices you know. I want you to search them on your own and study them. Be prepared.
  • Assigned on 04/26: Homework: Literary Terms  |  
  • Assigned on 05/3:
  • Assigned on 05/10:
    No homework

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