Math 2 1/2, Summer 2021

Time: Monday 5:00PM - 6:00PM
Grades: 2-3
Material fee: 0.00

Description: Preparation for joining Math 3 of SchoolNova for non SchoolNova students. The class is an extract of the Math 2 ideas and skills for students who never attended math classes at SchoolNova and are planning to join Math level 3 in Fall 2020. The course is not intended for our current SchoolNova math students. The class's goal is to support the smooth start of the school year for new students by providing them with the experience necessary to join SchoolNova's Math 3 in September 2021. The course is predominantly focused on applying a "whole and its parts" diagram for solving equations and word problems. The course will also introduce the concepts of operations and reverse operations, algorithms. Finally, the course will briefly introduce the straight line, ray, and line segment concepts. Overall, the class will teach not only the content but also the studying and analytic skills needed to be successful at SchoolNova. All students will need to have a computer with Zoom installed. They will also learn how to use Google Classroom. The students will need to have a printer (color printer preferred).


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