Intermediate Python, Summer 2021

Teacher: Misha Bulygin

Time: Tuesday, Thursday 3:00PM - 4:00PM
Grades: 8-11
Material fee: 0.00

Description: Have you studied Python before? Do you already know what variables, lists, functions, and classes are? Are you wondering what’s next and how to get your coding skills to the next level? Then this course is for you! Here we will work with advanced problems, learn how to build your Python package, and deploy it. We will go over the basics of image processing, data analysis, and in the end, we will build a basic object detection module. This course will give you an opportunity to apply the skills you learned before to real-life problems, and drive your knowledge of Python to a new level. Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Python (variables, data classes, if statements, lists, functions, classes)


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