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Information shown for on this page is for Summer 2021 semester, not for the current semester!

Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Summer 2021

Teacher: Misha Bulygin

Time: Monday, Wednesday 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Grades: 7-10
Material fee: 0.00

Description: Every day you hear people talking about new Machine Learning applications. Google taught a machine to speak. Amazon uses deep learning to enhance their recommendation system. Elon Musk funds a company that uses AI to teach a monkey to play Pong with its mind. Do you feel that it is your time to get in to the magical world of Machine Learning and understand what all the fuss is about? Then this course is for you! During our classes we will talk about the basic techniques and principles of Machine Learning, and look at different applications in the field of Natural Language Processing. Finally, we will learn how to train our custom model and in the end we will use that model to conduct a small research about SchoolNova students and staff. In order to participate in this class, students should have Basic Python skills (CS 101 level).


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