Chemistry program

Chemistry: Introduction to Chemistry - level 0.

Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. In this class, students will be introduced to chemistry to help understand the world around us. Each week we will focus on a specific concept. We will start from learning atoms to elements. We will also learn what the different phases of matter are and how matter changes phase. The other topics will include but not limited to periodic table, simple chemical reactions, and basic balancing equations. Various activities will be organized for students to engage them in learning during the class time.

Chemistry: Inorganic chemistry.

Brief syllabus (first semester)
1. What does Chemistry study. Pure substances and mixtures. Elements, simple substances and compounds.
2. Difference between physical processes and chemical reactions. Types of chemical reactions and their traits.
3. Dalton’s theory. Atoms and molecules. Structure of molecules. Valence.
4. Oxygen and combustion. Oxides.
5. Hydrogen. Water.
6. Solutions and solubility.
7. Acids and acidic oxides.
8. Bases and basic oxides. Metals and non-metals.
9. Antagonism between acids and bases. Neutralization. Salts.
10. Basic classes of inorganic compounds.

(second semester)
1. Properties of acids and bases. Strong and weak acids, and strong and weak bases.
2. Soluble and insoluble salts. Qualitative analytical reactions.
3. Commonalities and differences between chemical elements. Halogens.
4. Alkaline metals: lithium, sodium, potassium.
5. Alkaline earth metals: calcium, magnesium.
6. Copper and noble metals.
7. Composition of chemical compounds. Stoichiometry.
8. Atomic and molecular mass. Mole.
9. Chemical periodicity.

General Chemistry

Prerequisite: Completion of Inorganic Chemistry at SchoolNova

Brief syllabus (first semester):

Atoms and chemical bonds.
Chemical bond types.
Electronic structure of molecules.
Valence and oxidation states.
Redox reactions.
Ionic compounds and dissociation.
Solutions, chemical kinetics and equilibrium.

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