2022 Math Placement Exam

Welcome to the 2022 Math Placement exam!

New for this year: 

Students solve exams at home independently and upload the solution BEFORE the scheduled interview with a teacher (the invitation to the interview will be sent separately). During the interview, the teacher will discuss the solutions with a student and may ask additional questions. The interviews will be in the evenings, between 5.30 and 8.30 pm, during the week of September 6, 2022. Each interview will take 10-20 minutes. 


  • Follow the link below and print out the test for the math level you are applying for
  • Solve at least 80% of the problems given for that level at home at any convenient time (on your own, without the help of parents or anyone else.). If you know the material, it should take about one hour to finish the test.
  • Write your solutions neatly, scan (or take photos) of them and upload a .pdf file to this Google form 

How to choose the correct level:

Start with lower level tests. e.g., if you intend to enroll in Math 6, start by doing the Math 5 test. If you can do all (or most) problems in Math 5, then do the Math 6 test. If you don't know how to solve at least 80% of the Math 5 test, take a test for math 4.

Submit the solutions of ALL problems you solved (even if they are from different levels). All solutions must be submitted BEFORE the ZOOM interview with a teacher.


Upload your solutions here: Google form

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