Amitava Das

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CS 101

About me

Amitava Das has completed his undergraduate work in Computer Science and Mathematics, and an MBA in International Banking and Finance. He has a Masters in Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley. He developed a love for Computer Science and programming when introduced to a BBC Micro in the late 80s, and wrote his first business app in PASCAL (!) in 1995. Since then, through his work experiences, he has worked in multiple IT and business functions - Developer, Network Admin, System Admin, Database Admin, Architect and Analyst and coded or scripted professionally in multiple languages.

Amitava is currently a Customer Engineering Manager at Google Cloud, leading teams that consult with Enterprise customers in Healthcare and Life Sciences. He is deeply passionate about teaching and has over 20 years of experience teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, Finance and Analytics in Public Health. He has been a School Nova parent for 6 years, and this year, he has volunteered to teach the Computer Science curriculum.

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